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The Product Video Course

Proven film skills, editing techniques, and business strategies, that help filmmakers of ANY SKILL LEVEL build a profitable product video business in their own homes.
30 Day Money Back
Here is what you get!

20+ Hours of Content
Does that mean it stops there? Nope! New content is being added all the time! But rather than having TONS of pointless hours of fluff, Austen focuses on packing as much value into as little time as possible.
You will NEVER lose access to the content in the course, and all future content is locked in at whatever price you pay now!
Austen hosts live Q&A sessions in the Facebook group to help members with any questions they have. This is the perfect time to get more information on a technique or business strategy.
Personal Support
Confused about how to do something? Or have a question the course doesn't answer? You can comment on the course video, ask in the FB group, or email Austen and your questions will be answered! You won't be left feeling stuck with incomplete information.
Advanced Lighting ($400 Value)
Lighting glass bottles and many products can be complicated. Austen demystifies the process!
Industry Leading Post Production ($1,900 Value)
Austen is well known for creating mind-blowing shots in camera, and while none of it is 3D rendered, he certainly uses some post-production tricks that will blow your mind!
Professional Product Prep ($399 Value)
Preparing your products is a crucial part of the process, getting this step right is essential for a successful shoot, and can save infinite hours in post.

Total Value $7,398
Professional Food Prep ($350 Value)
Ever wondered how food looks so good in commercials? Austen brought in a professional food stylist to teach the secrets of the craft!
Marketing Tactics ($1500 Value)
Without marketing, nobody will know about you. Don't worry, there are THOUSANDS of ways to market yourself, so if the word "Marketing" scares you, chances are you just have not found the right way for you!
Sales & Business ($2500 Value)
Filmmaking is a service, a business is a vehicle you use to sell that service. A business protects you legally, handles finances, gives your service a public face, and so much more. Without a business, your filmmaking "carrier" is just a hobby.
Homemade Gadget Tutorials ($300 Value)
Austen has figured out many homemade gadgets that can replicate shots previously only possible with high end film equipment. If you love DYI, you're going to LOVE these!
Austen's LUT Pack ($49 Value)
Not available ANYWHERE else!
Incredible Community (Infinite Value)
Enough cannot be said about the community. Everyone is so helpful and inspiring! Posting a question in the group often results in dozens of ways to achieve a challenging shot being discussed and tested. If this community can't figure out how to do something... Well, that's never happened.


“You are just the biggest inspiration for me! I've started doing product videos because of you, and now I have so much work to do that I had to schedule works for the next year! You are inspiring people from all around the world.”

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