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ONLY $499


✔️ 20+ Hours of Content
✔️ Advanced Lighting
✔️ Intense Post Production
✔️ Professional Product Prep
✔️ Professional Food Prep
✔️ Marketing Tactics
✔️ Sales & Business
✔️ Homemade Gadget Tuts
✔️ Austen's LUT Pack
✔️ Incredible Community
✔️ Personal Support

ONLY $50


✔️12 Course Lessons!
✔️Gear Recommendations 
✔️ Pre - Production 
✔️ Production
✔️ Basic Post Production 
✔️ Super Secret Sexy LUTS
✔️ Support 


Course Introduction

Welcome to the Course + Thank you


About Your Instructor


What You Will Learn

Chapter 1. Landing Clients + Filmmaking Advice

Just Start Shooting

Building a Portfolio

Building a Demo Reel


Free to Fee

Client Outreach


Marketing Yourself

Collaboration Over Competition + Accountabili-buddies

Chapter 2. Client Communication


How I Manage My Clients (HoneyBook)


My Workflow


Got an Inquiry? Here Are Your Next Steps


Time to Set up a Call/Meeting

Client Expectations + Research

What Should You Charge for Your Project?

When Clients Ask for Discounts

Asking For Reviews


Verbal Confirmation - Send a Proposal (Terms of Services + Invoice + Contract)

Chapter 3. Pre Production

Preparing + Designing a Shoot

What is IN a Product Video?

Understanding Dimensions

Creating Storyboards


Client Approval

Sourcing Materials


Prepping Gear + Shot Schedule or Shot List

Gear I Recommend Using to Shoot Product Videos

Chapter 4. Basic Product Lighting + Light Modifiers

Key Light


Key Light Look Up Video

Fill Light


Top Light + C-Stands

Back Light + Background Light


Softening Lights


Softening Your Lights


Look Up Lighting Table

Chapter 5. Camera Settings

Working with Different Focal Lengths


Creative Movements, Angles, and Framing

Slow Motion

Chapter 6. Working with Specific Materials

Working with Glass and Bottles

Working with Plastics

How to Get the Perfect Pouring Shot Every Time

How to Build a False Wall Glass

How to Build a Product Stand


How to Build a Water Cyclone

Chapter 7. Backdrops

Background Lighting Seamless White and Even Lighting

How to Light a Black Background

Creating a Spotlight Backdrop

Building a Backdrop

Working with Fabrics

Working in a Live Setting

TV Tricks

Advanced White Background Lighting

Chapter 8. Set Design

Set Design...Think Outside of the Box

How to Achieve that Commercial Look

Chapter 9. Creating a Product Video with No Lights

Kodiak Cakes Behind the Scenes


Kodiak Cakes Editing Breakdown

Chapter 10. Creating a Product Video with One Light (COMING SOON)

Coming Soon

Chapter 11. Creating a Light + Bright Product Video


Chapter 12. Creating a Colorful Product Video Production



Editing Breakdown

Chapter 13. Advanced Lighting Techniques

Episode 1: Contrast and Crisp

Episode 2: White Lines

Chapter 14. Post Production

Uploading + Backing up Footage


Timeline Settings 4K/1080


Culling Clips


Choosing Music

Masking Can Be a Powerful Tool

Key Framing and Time Remapping

Breaking Down the Edit

Color Grading Work Flow

Building a Base Correction from Scratch

Export Settings


Learning and Using HSL Secondary

Chapter 15. Advanced Post Production/After Effects

Introduction to After Effects

Removing Wires


Using Motion Tracking

Skin Retouching

De-Noise Footage


Exporting in After Effects


Bring a Picture to Life / Frame Blocking


Puppet Position Tool

Pixel Motion-Slow Down Your Footage like a Phantom Camera


The Power of Glow


Advanced Color Grading Techniques

Fixing your Backgrounds in After Effects

Advanced Masking

Chapter 16. Product Retouching Techniques

Intro into Product Retouching - Part 1


Retouching Moving Products - Part 2

Retouching Rotating Products and Changing Light

Retouching, Replacing the Entire Product


How to Create a Hero Shot from a Photo

Chapter 17. Entire Walkthrough Process

How to Create a Simple ad from Start to Finish

How to Rotoscope from Start to Finish


How to Create a Simple, Yet Effective Ending Shot

Chapter 18. Bonus Tutorials!

How To created Animated videos with Braden Larsen

Playing with Animation in Video With Jonathan Lv

Build a 360 Rig with Charley

Chapter 19. Donut Tutorial - Walkthrough

Donut Tutorial


How I Edited the Donut Video - Rotoscoping

Chapter 20. Pressed Juice Walkthrough and Edit Breakdown

Falling Morphing Technique From Start to Finish

Chapter 21. Food Styling

Introduction + Stuff You Need


Learning to Layer Food


Cooked VS Styled Food


False Bottoms

Slowing Down a Pour

Cooking the Perfect Steak

Styling a Scene

Prop Selection and Placement

Apple Watch Editing Breakdown

How I Edited my Apple Watch Ad


Exclusive Lut Download

All Downloads

...and more coming soon.

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