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Product Video
Prep & Design

Create Beautiful Sets & Master Product Tricks

Course Modules Include:

  • Mastering Focal Lengths

  • Creative Movement, Angles, & Framing

  • Slow Motion

  • Working with Glass

  • Working with Plastics

  • Mind Blowing Pour Shots

  • Building False Walls

  • Building Product Stands

  • Building Water Cyclone

  • Building a 360 Rig

  • Building a Backdrop

  • Using a TV

  • Working with Fabrics

  • Set Design

  • Achieve that "Commercial Look"

  • Advanced Background Lighting

  • And so much more!

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Video Editing Timeline

Get Started Now!

Learn set design, how to work with glass, slow motion, pouring shots, building sets, building camera rigs, working with virtual backgrounds, and so much more!

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