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You want to create stunning commercials that generate your clients maximum ROI, you want to learn a skill that can make you six + figures from home, or you want to join a world class community of product commercial filmmakers who help each other to grow into the best filmmakers they can be.

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Create stunning movements with your products in seconds with these After Effects templates created by Austen for his own clients.

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Learn to light the most challenging items like glass bottles and more! These techniques will take you to the next level. 

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Product LUTS

These carefully crafted LUTS were designed to make any products pop. Don't let your color grade drag down your amazing commercials!


Tired of writers block when filming? Or having unexpected surprises? Plan everything creatively with the filmmakers creative journal.

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Want to check out the world of Product Video? This course has everything you need to get started without the cost. 

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Business Course

Learn how to turn your filmmaking skills into a living. Several students have used this to achieve 6+ figure income.

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Learn to rotoscope and create CGI like shots with these editing techniques. These secrets are what make Austen's videos so incredible.

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Learn set design, how to work with glass, slow motion, pouring shots, building sets, building camera rigs,  and so much more!



Join a community of talented hard working filmmakers like yourself. The feedback and collaboration here are infinitely valuable.

Purple Abstract
Results from creators around the world who are enrolled to up-level their product videos and be part of the community.


“You are just the biggest inspiration for me! I've started doing product videos because of you, and now I have so much work to do that I had to schedule works for the next year, I love seeing your videos because it inspires me to be like you. Thank you for doing videos and sharing your content with us! You've opened my eyes to new opportunities and now I know what I want to do for the rest of my life, hahah thanks!! I'm from Brazil, so you are inspiring people from all around the world.”